Ok, I’m convinced it’s ‘Enterprise 2.0’

One of the most powerful things I experience in my life is talking to someone about something that I have a strong opinion about, and walking away from the conversation realizing that I had it wrong. Usually the reason is a small nuance that I overlooked.

Yesterday was one of those days. I had the pleasure to meet Steve Wylie for coffee and to catch up. We somehow got on the topic of the debate between Enterprise 2.0 and Social Business. Steve made one statement, “the debate hurts everyone.” What I walked away made me think. It was powerful.

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The Community Backchannel – #cmtybc

I’m possibly one of the most fortunate guys in the Social Business space. I’ve had the benefits of being a practitioner in a very successful social evolution at Alcatel-Lucent and on top of that, be part of the 2.0 Adoption Council since its inception, but that all changed for me this past February where I was presented with a fantastic opportunity to come and work for Yammer.

There was however an unexpected side effect that I was totally unprepared for. I was booted out of these 2 thriving communities that became very much a part of my life. Imagine being shut out from engaging with friends and colleagues in the very topics that you are so passionate about. Of course there is still Twitter, but I will say being limited to 140 characters does present its challenges when trying to figure out where to take social business next. This is especially true since I also was a Jive customer and have made many friends there. It seems that there’s this unspoken rule that you really don’t socialize with other vendors in an open forum.

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Social & the 5lb bag

Let’s face it. Social is hitting mainstream. More and more people are contributing, but is it knowledge? If it is knowledge, how long is it knowledge before it becomes outdated and useless? How many people go back and update a contribution they’ve made to a social platform more than a week ago when the information changes? What happens when someone makes a decision based on misinformation? Knowledge workers are doing much more of their collaboration in unstructured ways and in many cases starting to fill up the bag. At what point is it too much? Will search engine optimization ever really solve this problem in a company’s intranet? Continue reading “Social & the 5lb bag”