Ford’s SocialCRM – Follow up to Sync issues

Courtesy of lithium software ( Within 24 hrs of my Why I’ll never buy another Ford – The answer may surprise you post, Ford contacted me via Twitter, and arranged for a call with a small team; Mike from (Customer Service), Jeff (Ford engineer) and Alan (Public Relations). First, I want to tip my hat to them for taking the time to follow up with me. They obviously care about Ford, the company reputation and customer satisfaction.

What is clear to me, is that you can have the best SocialCRM solution in the world, but if you don’t have agile business processes behind it, you will ultimately disappoint your customers.

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Why I’ll never buy another Ford – The answer may surprise you

I’ve been a “Ford guy” for a long time (20 years), and being a technology guy (even longer), I’ve made a living off of Microsoft as an MCSE. When I bought my Ford Escape back in April 2009, I was so excited to have Microsoft Sync. But after a little over a year, I have to say I really wish I hadn’t. I’ve been thinking about writing this for a while, but decided to get past the emotion surrounding my frustration with the system and Ford that I’m reminded of every time I drive. It never ceases to amaze me how strong emotions are around our rides. Now I finally feel I can focus on the details and not the emotions.

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