Social Business Buzzword Bingo

Social business Buzzword Bingo-CompleteWhat do you do an a business space where the signal to noise ratio can be so low you can hardly hear yourself think? You poke fun at of course. In an effort to raise awareness to the jargon that is being used in Social Business, I offer you Social Business Buzzword Bingo. If you’re talking or listening to a Social Media Expert, Thought Leader, ninja, Guru etc. Listen to what they say. Are they talking clearly and articulating the value of social business or are they talking Jargon?

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Why Google+ is a -1 for me

It’s always fun to see when a new social channel is released. There is plenty of excitement and wonderment as people try to figure out what a new tool is, where it fits and how it’s better/worse than existing tools. If there’s one thing Google is exceptional at, it’s creating a buzz around a new release. Google+ isn’t the first, as a matter of fact, it’s the 3rd (perhaps 4th) attempt at doing ‘social’. And while I think this is by far the most interesting attempt to date, I’ve now walked away. But, the reason I walked away is not because the tool isn’t interesting, it’s something much more fundamental. It’s about authentication and the really horrible user experience around it.

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The Community Backchannel – #cmtybc

I’m possibly one of the most fortunate guys in the Social Business space. I’ve had the benefits of being a practitioner in a very successful social evolution at Alcatel-Lucent and on top of that, be part of the 2.0 Adoption Council since its inception, but that all changed for me this past February where I was presented with a fantastic opportunity to come and work for Yammer.

There was however an unexpected side effect that I was totally unprepared for. I was booted out of these 2 thriving communities that became very much a part of my life. Imagine being shut out from engaging with friends and colleagues in the very topics that you are so passionate about. Of course there is still Twitter, but I will say being limited to 140 characters does present its challenges when trying to figure out where to take social business next. This is especially true since I also was a Jive customer and have made many friends there. It seems that there’s this unspoken rule that you really don’t socialize with other vendors in an open forum.

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Arrogance: The 2.0 Killer

Let’s face it, most of us disdain arrogance, yet some of us practice this unbecoming behavior unintentionally. In this very competitive world, it is very difficult to exude confidence to make people believe in you without sounding arrogant, but yet that challenge is what each of us must consider when managing our brands.

As brand fanatics, we align ourselves to certain brands in both our personal and professional lives. How would you feel if that trusted brand started trying to make itself look good by putting the competition down or embarrassing you? Would you still be a brand fanatic? For how long?

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What’s wrong with being “Social” at work anyway?

Social may be a 4 letter word in some companies, but I have to wonder why? Social is nothing new to enterprises, the only thing is we are now labeling it.

In the “Old Days”, companies encouraged their workers to socialize and party together. Sometimes even going so far to build communities for their workers to live in. Why did they do this? For the company of course. The feeling was that this interaction made people work better together producing more, generating more profit, building loyalty.

A more recent trend was to replace offices with cubes. While some would state that the purpose was to reduce cost of  real estate, others suggest that this was done to encourage casual knowledge exchange. While I personally didn’t like the distractions of a cube, the things I heard over cube walls helped me on many occasions.

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How did Twitter impact your football viewing experience?

One of the things I was looking forward to was to see how watching Football would be changed by Twitter. This will be an on-going experiment as the football season unfolds. My first experience was less than “Wow”, as I work to dial in on the information stream that meets my already crowded 13″ laptop screen. Already having a Fantasy Football client and NFL Gameday website on the desktop leaves little room for Tweetdeck, Seesmic or Mixero.

Being a NY Giants fan, I started off by doing a search for “Giants” this netted some OK results, but I found that I also got a lot of “noise” about the San Francisco Giants. I then searched my contact list for anyone who was associated with the NYG and created a group, this also provided some interesting results, but didn’t really give me what I was looking for. There was one thing that I did realize though, there were a LOT of people using twitter on Football Sunday. Now all I need to do is figure out the right tools and how to get the right amount of information to ensure that I don’t experience the game only through twitter.

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