…and a new chapter begins

Today, I am announcing that I have taken a position at Yammer as the Enterprise Social Networking Strategist. I’m very excited about this opportunity and am thrilled to be part of the Yammer team. As I talked to each of the folks at Yammer, I was really happy to see the energy and enthusiasm about the possibilities. What was clear based on the early discussions is that they want to better understand what customer’s want and need. The desire to listen and act made it clear that this was a fantastic opportunity.

I know and am friends with many of what now will be my competitors in the “Social Business” or “Enterprise 2.0” space. I hope that we continue to interact and now compete to raise the level of Social Business awareness and adoption and that all of our customers are the beneficiaries as a result.

As I was announcing that I was leaving from Alcatel-Lucent, everyone was happy for me although some are sad that I am going. I feel that we have over my time there build a very solid community ready to face the challenges they are presented. I care about everyone’s success and look forward to them sharing their successes with me in the future.

When people ask me why I do what I do, I wanted to share one of the comments posted on our ALU Yammer network that hopefully helps everyone understand why I love doing this so much.

@glowe I’d like to say a big Thank You. Without your Yammer and Engage initiatives sheer frustration would have seen me leave the company many months ago. You have given the hope that we can collectively make this a better place to be. Now we get to find out if you have imparted us with the means to continue your progress.

I’m really excited to help our customers achieve the maximum business value from their networks and make a real difference in their companies.

Greg Lowe

Greg constructively challenges the status quo to achieve real change in organizations. With a background in IT, communications and collaboration, Greg is passionate about making technology usable to make people’s jobs easier and changing the way companies do business. He does this by demonstrating value through building business cases and leading organizations to develop and support new behaviors, by working with leadership to help them understand how and why to leverage social business systems within their enterprise to achieve better business outcomes. He also writes and speaks about strategies and tactics that can be employed by companies to drive success in the Social Business space.

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